Rating System


When looking for reviewers, I find it’s helpful to know their rating system. For some, 3 stars is really bad, whereas for others it’s pretty good.

Here is mine:

FIVE stars: this book is perfect from cover to cover. I would definitely read it again and will be recommending it to friends and family. If there were any flaws, the were greatly overpowered by other aspects such as storytelling.

FOUR stars: I really liked this book. There were a few flaws but I’d still recommend it to friends and family.

THREE stars: I liked this book, but there are a lot of flaws. I probably won’t read it again, however I still enjoyed the experience of reading it. Don’t be disheartened: this is still a good review!

TWO stars: I disliked this book and will not be reading it again. There may be one or two redeeming features, but the story was not told well enough and did not keep me interested.

ONE star: this book is not for me. I struggle to find a redeeming feature, will not be reading it again, and do not recommend it. Despite this, I still finished it.

Didn’t Finish: this book was way too long. Alternatively, it was so bad or ridiculous that I couldn’t bring myself to read the whole thing.

Honourable mentions: no matter the star rating, I will try to do an honourable mention of something that stood out as good in the book.

Dishonourable mentions: no matter the star rating, I may mention something that negatively stood out in the book.

I will contact the email provided with any below 3 star reviews to give the option not to post it.

You can contact me on the requests page or by emailing emcglashan@hotmail.com