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All The Girls I’ve Liked

"Throughout my teens, there were definitely girls that I had crushes on. But I never thought of it like a crush, because I never really considered whether or not I liked girls and guys or just guys. I'd not ever needed to because, as I said, I always had a boyfriend. So I only really realised that these were crushes afterwards. Honestly, I just thought I really wanted to be friends with them. Or that they were very attractive."

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Depression Pasta

Hello. The other week, I was severely depressed. But, to feel like a functioning adult human, I figured I should probably make myself some food. As depression meals usually go, it probably wasn't healthy at all but it tasted alright. So here's how to make depression pasta. (There are no measurements in this recipe.) You… Continue reading Depression Pasta

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How Do I Know I’m Bisexual If I’ve Never Slept With A Woman?

Hello. Today we are going to talk about something I find very aggravating. I'm bisexual (this is not the aggravating thing). I will now dissect the what happens when it comes up in conversation about fifty percent of the time. In this example I'm going to use a straight man as the other person, but… Continue reading How Do I Know I’m Bisexual If I’ve Never Slept With A Woman?