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Tattoos and Piercings Poem

I saw the dirty look you gave me
When I walked past you on my way up the stairs
As I tried to push a spiked bar
Through the hole in the side of my nose.

I heard the disgust in your voice
When you asked if I have any piercings
And I pointed out that I’ve had a nose piercing
For almost two years,
Yet you make a fuss of noticing it
Every time you see me.

I heard you mutter “ugh” out loud
When I said I planned to get my belly button pierced
And then you asked why on earth I would want to
And I had no meaningful answer,
Just that I think it’d look nice.

But you don’t have a problem
With the fact that my ears have been pierced
Since I was six years old.
In fact,
In the past eleven years,
You’ve not had one complaint about it.

Just because my nose
Is a more visible part of my body
Than my ears,
Doesn’t mean
That it’s any more painful
Or any more damaging
Or that it looks any worse.

What’s more,
I don’t even show my belly off that often,
So what would your problem be exactly?
‘Holy crap! I did not know that teenage girls had midriffs!’
Not fucking likely.
It’s my fucking body
And I’ll do what the fuck I like to it.

Another thing.
When you asked my sister
If she had tattoos
She felt the need to lie
And that’s probably because
When you asked me if I planned to get any
And I said “yes”,
You made that fucking noise again
As though we are disgusting
Just because
We want to have a thing on our skin
That you wouldn’t have on yours.

I think
That the only disgusting person in this
Is you
Because you think it’s “wrong”
And “unnatural”
To have confidence in yourself
And express it with tattoos and piercings.

It’s my fuckin body
And I’ll do what the fuck I like to it.

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